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Sandor Mester classical guitarist did 900 concerts in 21 countries so far. His solo album called 'PEACE' was released in January 2018 by the Portuguese publisher Miradouro Media. You can listen to the so-called traditional classical guitar pieces as well as 'For Children' by Bela Bartok and works, own transcriptions of Sandor Mester that you rarely or never can listen to.

The album includes several transcritptions: four baroque sonatas by the Portuguese composer Carlos Seixas and two pieces by Carlos Paredes who was the greatest and most significant Portuguese guitar legend of the XX. century. Besides the transcriptions of Portuguese music there are five Jewish songs by the guitarist. Sandor Mester improvises in the pieces of Carlos Paredes. The Jewish songs are not only transcritptions but adaptations with some impros as well. On the album there are 19 pieces from „For Children” by Béla Bartók originally composed for piano based on folk songs. You can listen to some well-known traditional classical guitar pieces as well by Agustín Barrios-Mangoré and Mauro Giuliani.

The album „PEACE” was recorded in Fidelsom Studio in Portugal /Alcabideche/.

Sound engineer: Antonio Dias

Producer: Sándor Mester

Tracklist of PEACE:

  • Mauro Giuliani /1781 - 1829/: D-major Prealudium
  • Carlos Seixas /1704 - 1742/: 4 Sonatas /transciptions by Sándor Mester/
  • Béla Bartók /1881 - 1945/: 19 Tétel a Gyermekeknek Sorozatból /transciptions by László Szendrey-Karper, László Brodszki and Sándor Mester/
  • Agustín Barrios /1885 -1944/: Mazurka Apassionata, B-minor Menuette, Choro Da Saudade
  • Carlos Paredes /1925 - 2004/: Verdes Anos, Divertimento /transciptions by Sándor Mester/
  • 5 Jewish Songs //transciptions/adaptations by Sándor Mester/

MS3: Portfolio 2001 (CD) Twelvetones 2001

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Sandor Mester (aka MS3) is a great guitar virtuoso but on this CD he introduces himself as a composer who is looking for new sounds and new ways. His CD called "Portfolio 2001" is based on his compositions from the period of 1996 - 2001. There are twelve songs on this album in completely different styles and the diversity or the possibilties of the instruments are more important than the technical capabilities of the performers. MS3 and his friends plays these pieces on a deep emotional level giving a unique musical experience for the listeners.


  • Attila Simon - violin
  • IMMC - raping
  • Janos Vazsonyi - alto saxophon
  • Tom Hornsby - alto saxophon
  • Daniel Mester - tenor saxophon
  • Gabor Bruzsa - bass guitar
  • Dora Behumi - singer
  • Gyula Veraszto - percussion
  • Shinobi - raping
  • Sandor Mester - guitars and keyboards
  • Csaba Faltay - keyboards

Producer: MS3

Track List:

  • 1.Prologue
  • 2.H3
  • 3.Meditation (violin version)
  • 4.Flash
  • 5.Dream Of Moonlight
  • 6.Dreams
  • 7.Jungle-Kazu
  • 8.Portfolio Blues
  • 9.Meditation (Etno version)
  • 10.Heroikus rock
  • 11.Rise
  • 12.Webhauser's world

IMMC: Scandallum (arrangements, remixes) 2002

MS3 feat. Korai Öröm: Life isn't static, why should music be? (DI remixes) 2002, Digimpro Kft.

Ágnes Vanilla: Férfiszóval József Attila lemez (CD) (arrangements, , composing, guitar) 2005, Private Moon

MS3: Quitness in the Rampage (DVD) 2006, Open SKM

Classical music clip film and interactive extras

Duration: 53 min.

Interactive baroque improvisation: multi-billion versions!

MS3 (Sandor Mester) is the most active Hungarian classical guitar player. He played more than three hundred concerts in 2005 and in 2006 around in Hungary during his tour called '150koncert' (150concerts) and other performances. There was a planned concert in a village that was cancelled by an unexpected coincidence. The DVD was placed at that village 'Belapatfalva' in the Abbey and its garden in June 2006. You can watch the results of the DVD that were done in stormy and misterious conditions.

On the DVD you can listen to classical guitar solo and duo as well as baroque chamber music when guitar duo plays with a (saxophone sopranino/alto). Eva Antal plays on classical guitar and Jano Vazsonyi plays on saxophones.

Thanks to global patent (software and file format) called Digimpro invented by MS3 you can play the first interactive baroque improvisation of the world that was improvised by Michael Dierks to a theme of a Bach Choral (Jesu, Meine Freunde) in Stockholm. The recdorings were done in the beginning of 2006 on a marvellous, late-renaissance organ in Deustche Kirche (German Church). In calm and great conditions...

Director: MS3 és Zoltan Czako, Chief Kameramann: Gabor Kiss, Sound Enginier: Tamas Gresiczki (Aquarium Studios), Editor: Andras Molnar, Producer: MS3

Music composed by Balint Bakfark, J.F. Rameau, Evaristo Dall'abaco, Georg Friedrick. Händel, Johann Sebastian Bach, Francisco Tarréga, Heitor Villa-Lobos and Bela Bartok.

Extras – five hunderd photos, SAAB commercials, two MS3-Oximoris clip, Windows Media Plugin, Jesu_Meine_Freunde.di, Budapest_Raga.di and 2 MP3 file.

(DI) Windows Media Plugin – System Requirements

Languages: English, Japanese, Chinese, Russain

Other: Minimal System Requirements Pentium III, 192MB RAM, WMP 9 or 10

Other OSes: 2000, ME, 98 SE