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Sándor Mester (MS3) - classical guitarist, composer, producer

Sándor Mester (MS3) - classical guitarist, composer, producer Sandor Mester MS3 realized more than 900 concerts in 25 countries: Brazil, USA, Morocco, Israel, Italy, Portugal, France, Serbia, Ukraine, Belgium, Poland, Norway, Netherlands, Finnland, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Albania, Republic of Kosovo, Croatia, Slovenia and Macedonia.

Classical guitar player Sándor Mester, born in Budapest /Hungary/, is unique not only for being the guitar artist who gave the largest number of concerts but also because he is on a cultural mission. He has decided to bring classical music to those who otherwise would not be exposed to it. Among the big concert halls he plays in the community halls, churches, cultural centers and schools of tiny villages, small towns because he believes, and demonstrates, that music belongs to everyone.

He began learning guitar from his father at the age of eleven and very soon achieved notable success. At the age of 17, as a student of Erzsébet Nagy, he won the top prize at Hungary's National Guitar Competition in the town of Vác. In 1992, he was admitted to the Liszt Academy of Music, studying guitar under József Eötvös and composition under Iván Madarász. His mentor, friend and teacher is Ede Roth. He graduated in Győr, Hungary (Music Faculty of István Széchenyi University) in Ede Roth's classical guitar class.

He also plays chamber music /duo, trio, quartett and quintett/ focusing on baroque chamber music as well as XX century chamber music.

Alongside his solo career, Sándor Mester invests a great deal of energy in helping musicians who suffer from a disease called focal dystonia.

From 2007, he has been collaborating with filmmaker Eszter Hajdú /director/ on documentary film-making as a music composer and producer.