Sandor Mester, classical guitarist and composer did more than 900 concerts in 25 countries so far during his music carrier. His three solo albums were released in July 2020 by Miradouro Media /Estoril, Portugal/: Improvization I., Improvization II. and Improvization III. All the pieces are free improvizations. Each and every one of them has its own atmosphere, charecter, no any limits of styles or genres. The shortest is 6 minutes the longest improvization is 39 minutes long. The improvizations were played by Sandor Mester as it was a concert: no stops, no further editing.

The recordings were made in Fidelsom Studio Alcabideche, Portugal by Antonio Dias /sound engineer/, the improvizations were released by Miradouro Media, producer: Sandor Mester. You can listen to them online on the biggest sites such as Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Youtube and many others.

The Albums and Tracks

Improvization I. /1st album/
Improvization 1
Improvization 2

Improvization II. /2nd album/
Improvization 3
Improvization 4
Improvization 5

Improvization III. /3rd album/
Improvization 6
Improvization 7

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