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Sandor Mester has been working in education for almost 3 decades as a guitar teacher giving individual and group lessons as well as doing masterclasses - workshops all around the world personally or online.

Sandor Mester has been working with musicians having Focal Dystonia to help to recover. He was the script-writer of 'Demon Hands', a documentary directed by the multi-award winner documentary director Eszter Hajdu about musicians' problems focusing on Focal Dystonia.

Demon Hands from Miradouro Media on Vimeo.


Focal Dystonia - Musician's focal dystonia

Focal Dystonia is also called musician's cramp, pianist's cramp, violinist's cramp or writer's cramp.

Focal Dystonia is a condition, a muscular disorder. Focal Dystonia is basically a painless loss of muscular control of movements using the musical instrument during playing. It is a temporary condition that can be changed. It can be recovered not easily and not quickly but surely by concentrated work by relaxing the fingers, hands, shoulders and the neck. If you have Focal Dystonia you have to calm down, sit down and relearn all the movements getting back the natural condition of playing as well as the natural reflexes of the hands/fingers. It is not easy because you have lost the control of your fingers and there is a lot of unwanted physical tension in your fingers/hand.

Focal Dystonia temporarily paralyzes the muscles, so your fingers become super-tensed and you are not able to control them, play with them, not able to move them as you want to. According to the studies and researches 1% of the professional musicians are affected by Focal Dystonia.


There are many musicians who managed to recover from Dystonia, so it is possible, there is hope, if you have Focal Dystonia there is a chance for you to play again.

How to Recover - Ask for Help

It is always better, quicker and more efficient if you contact musicians who already had Focal Dystonia and are recovered now or therapists who already cured musicians and succeeded the recovery.

If you need help please contact Sandor Mester also recovered from Focal Dystonia and back to the international concert life, helping others to recover form Focal Dystonia doing online sessions.