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Concert in Sesimbra (Portugal)

Isabel Ruth is a versatile talented artist started as a ballet dancer then became an actress by chance. After having studies in the Royal Ballet School in London Isabel did her first movie in Lisbon 'Verdes Anos' in 1963 directed by Paulo Rocha. Verdes Anos became the most significant Portuguese movie of all times. She took a small part in the film 'Oedipus King' by Pier Paolo Pasolini (1967). She made close to fifty films. She worked with the director Manoel de Oliveira and lots of others. And she now she starts her poet, composer and singer carrier. She has been writing poems and songs for twenty years but never set them up for stage. She met Sandor Mester in the October 2009 in Lisbon.

They started to work as a duo in October 2009 and found out the way of a completely new and unique program for vocal and classical guitar. The show is based on Isabel Ruth's songs and poems in Portuguese, Italian and in French language re-arranged by Sandor Mester. They also play some songs by Alain Oulmann - the „father of Fado”. There is a well-known poem by Alexandre O'Neil "Amantes novembro". Oulmann composed music for this wonderfull poem he did for Isabel Ruth. This songs was not played before on stage. In Dramaticanto they play Isabel's first movie's soundtrack called „Verdes Anos” by Carlos Paredes and French chansons as well as some Napoletan songs.